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How to Make Percussions out of Absolutely Anything

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

In the world of music production, creativity often leads to exploration beyond traditional instruments. This was the approach taken during the production of Raquela's song, "Breaking Free". This blog post will delve into the unique techniques used, including the incorporation of everyday objects like a typewriter and paper to create distinctive percussion sounds.

Typewriter Sounds: A Unique Percussion Element

One of the unique elements in "Breaking Free" is the use of typewriter sounds. The rhythmic sound of typing was recorded and used as a loop, forming a unique base for the percussion track.

Layering with Additional Typewriter Noises

To add variety to the rhythm, more typewriter sounds were layered into the track. These additional sounds helped to create a more intricate rhythm, adding depth to the percussion section of "Breaking Free".

Paper Tearing Sounds: An Unexpected Addition

Another unconventional sound source used in the production of "Breaking Free" was the sound of paper being torn. This sound provided a contrasting element to the rhythmic typing sounds, contributing to a rich and textured percussion track.

The production of "Breaking Free" showcases how thinking outside the box and experimenting with unconventional sound sources can lead to unique musical outcomes. It's a reminder that music production is a creative process, open to exploration and experimentation.

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